About the Artist

“I’m a digital artist who is fascinated by geometric patterns like those found in geodesic domes. I experiment with 3D models of such polyhedra and use their internal mathematical rhythms to create my works. The computer aids me in quickly evaluating various compositions and color palettes so I can evaluate more options, experiment quickly and find the result that resonates with where I am emotionally within that moment.

I believe evolution as an artist happens through making creative decisions while working. I want to speed that process up. I try to complete three or four pieces daily. I’m convinced that quicker decisions are more connected to my inner core of creativity, and I stop working on a piece as soon as it feels right. I am more likely to take chances on an idea with this type of workflow, and looking back, I can see that my range as an artist has expanded and been transformed through the volume of work.”

I post new images daily on my Twitter page, and you can see more images on my Flickr page. All can be made into prints by clicking on the Custom Order item on this site."

– Paul Petersen studied painting at UCLA with Richard Diebenkorn and William Brice, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He did post graduate study at the Art Center College of Design.
He’s had careers as an art director,  and medical illustrator. His technical proficiency in computer graphics has put him in a position to explore a new area of abstract geometric image creation he calls “Spherical Art”. It uses the mathematical patterns inherent in polyhedral spheres to generate compositions. He began his exploration of this method in 2015.